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The J. Ellen Story

J. Ellen Realty is owned by brokers Therese Beechler
and Amy Summers.
But who is J. Ellen? The name J. Ellen is a
combination of their grandmothers’ names. Both of
Amy’s grandmothers and her mother are “J’s.” Julia
was a self-made businesswoman who opened a
sandwich shop amid the great depression to help
provide for her family. Her mother, Joanne, owned
and operated a successful bakery and deli and was
loved and respected by her customers. Therese’s
grandmother was “Ellen.” Ellen earned her real
estate license at 60 years old. Toward the end of
her life, Therese asked if there was any last thing
that she might want to do. Her reply: “Honey, I would
love to do just one more deal!” These women were
all hard working, loyal, and did business with a great
deal of integrity.
Our tag line: Loyalty, Integrity, Perseverance.
To Therese and Amy, these are not just virtues. They
are a legacy which has been handed down.
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